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Giovanni Greco - Catharsis oppierens
Catharsis oppierens
Oil and acrylic on canvas - cm. 60x70

- 700€ Disponible -


Giovanni Greco

29 Nov. 2012 - 12 Déc. 2012
Giovanni Greco

Vibe Gallery - Tower Bridge Business Centre
100 Clements Road -
SE16 4DG London (United Kingdom)
0207 252 1096
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   The Exhibition brings together a group of specially commissioned works by contemporary Italian Artists willing to bring their national fame on the international scene.
A wide selection of styles, concepts, materials all melted into this special exhibition.

Drop in at the PRIVATE VIEW on 30th NOVEMBER 2012 at 6:30 pm and you’ll see why people love this country and it’s Art.

A Special Italian Night with food, music and wine tasting, all surrounded by a wide selection of Italian Cutting[…]

Post-Avanguarde Italienne - Le virtualism
30 Juin. 2012 - 30 Aoû. 2012
Giovanni Greco

Galleria Rinascenza Contemporanea
Via Palermo, 140
65100 Pescara (Italy)

   The work as deification than the man or the time when it was conceived is postponed to the eternal present. In translating the notice the work you do not want to simply reduce the maker performer, as a child of an age or a tradition.
The individual sensations and feelings, are the unconscious reaction to the outside world, were filtering into involuntary emotions that stimulate the imagination devoted to perceptual images projector defined by the inner eye. This is still the mental space in which[…]

Deux voies
16 Avr. 2011 - 2 Mai. 2011
Giovanni Greco

Palazzo delle Arti
Via Dei Mille 60
85100 Naples (Italy)

   ?doppiosenso? ovverosia
la ricerca dell’Armonia tra gli opposti, l’osmosi tra gli elementi, la
conciliazione dei contrari, senso/nonsenso, tesi/antitesi,
caldo/freddo, buio/luce, astratto/concreto, bianco/nero, verità/bugia,
detto/non-detto, reale/irreale, prosa/poesia, musica/rumore,
pensiero/azione, bello/brutto?


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