Priscille Vincens - De Profundis I
De Profundis I
81 x 100 cm - Huile sur toile - 2011

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Priscille Vincens

Expression and vision

Priscille Vincens is a painter through and through, unreserved, she has her painting running in her blood. She masters drawing to perfection, but it is thanks to colours that she has chosen to give birth to her paintings. Therefore she has to arouse some psychological visionary states within her, often handling a palette of clear and bright colours.

Painting is a ritual act for Priscille Vincens. She doesn’t try to represent what is seen. She opens the doors of the absolute memory which weaves its faces in the mysteries of the brain and of the nameless life. That is why each of her paintings is like the birth, the capture of an apparition, the presence of a vision.

The strength of Priscille Vincens’s paintings lies in the fact that what can be seen in them, a face, two or three figures, a body full of wild tensions seem to come out of a colourful chaos. This tension between the shapes of a face and the free and violent accents of the gestures of the painter which bring the colour give each figure the force of a revelation. We don’t see something or someone we know, we are aware of an unknown presence which seems to address us imperatively. Priscille Vincens tries to have it out of her painting when she summons the most radical strengths of these fundamental affects which are desire and fear.

That is how she lives and conceives her work. Her hand is guided by forces she has to obey. Like a messenger of hope in the violence of a painful time, she lives each of her painter’s gestures as a caress which could nevertheless have the magical power of the flint with which the prehistoric men hollowed the bones of their precarious memory, the power of giving birth to a still unknown part of the world, the power of taking part in the still and forever uncompleted creation.

Each of her paintings is made of pure energy. Each of her gestures is executed as a moment of infinite dance. Each gesture is always the first and the last, the unique and endless gesture which celebrates, in its own way, the mythical and perfect gesture of creation.

Priscille Vincens never knows what is going to come on her canvas when she starts painting. The only thing she knows is that the colour and the gesture are the means she has to reveal what the pressing voice tells her to paint, that is some of the mystery of life and of human spirit.
The most recent works throw us into blue and purple universes. Purple is the colour of spirit. The coloured gestures used to release some space on the canvas out of which an unknown figure appeared suddenly, hesitating endlessly between apparition and obliteration. Now the canvas spreads out on three distinct surfaces. The first one is a neutral background, a quite uniform coloured coat on which a face appears. And it is on that face that colours “work”, covering part of it. In that way they release a sort of double of the first face. It is as if, between the coat and the cover, the face dreaded the presence of its original double, echo of its enigmatic birth.
With these new works, Priscille Vincens moves forward towards a really visionary painting.

Jean Louis Poitevin

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