Agheli Ghodratollah

GhodratOllah Agheli (1347, 1968)
manager of site
member of the Iranian society of sculptors
member of the international town of Paris Artist

He is an Iranian Sculptor and painter.
He was born in Jolfa, Iran . He started his art activity by taking part in art school of “Tabriz” and then entered into the center of visual arts of “Hoze Honari”. He is taught in art by famous masters such as sculptors and painters of “Saghakhane” school.
This artist has taken part in 20 individual fairs and 47 biennials and group exhibitions in Iran, Maghreb, England, ocrain, Germany, France and Qatar. He is also undertaking design and making of 43 sculptures and reliefs that has been installed in museums, squares and public centers; making technical devices for cinema and theatre; collecting and etymologizing the rug designs and collecting the Islamic designs and scripts.
“Iron statues” and “war in front row caricature” essays, participation in “50 years contemporary art of Iran” research, authorship the book of “100 years of new statuary”, collection of statues and reliefs in Islamic age (Az Hagm Ta leyli) and collection of handcraft edition with theme of “30 Images, 30 ghazal” from molana, are some of his publicity and research works.

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