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Concentration nulle

Digital Art

Andre Gauthier

At the start of my career, I produced paintings that constituted veritable installations, canvases on which cut-out forms overlapped and intermingled to produce an environment that overflowed onto the surface of the walls to create a three-dimensional space.

As I continued experimenting along these lines, I was led to explore new techniques and new approaches, and I began working with computer graphics, photography and photo editing. After mastering this new set of tools, I found that I had gained a great freedom of expression and had access to new forms of artistic creation. At that stage in my development, I began to incorporate digitization, and a number of paths opened up, including experiments with form, colour, texture and light value. I create synthesized images produced with computer tools, eliminating the need for external photographic images. Instead of the traditional paintbrush, I use digital painting.

Now I want to establish the link between digital (virtual) media and classical (real) media such as acrylic or dry pastel. I hope to use specialized types of paper that, combined with avant-garde technologies, will allow me to produce three-dimensional images. I plan to use digital printing as my starting point, then continue developing the work using more traditional techniques. This project will require an extended period of time but promises to be interesting and fruitful.

In my works, I am trying, through a variety of technical means, to show the sensuality of human forms and to reveal the eroticism and emotional power contained in them. Colours and their treatment can give new life to the forms that obsess us, the ones we keep in the secrecy of our dreams.

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