Bonnie-kent Paul - Parrot
Charcoal Cardboard

cm 35 x 50

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Bonnie-kent Paul

PaulPaul Bonnie-Kent ( Alias ) Born in Cattolica Italy where he lives and works, He has been painting without interruption from 1969 to 1989 searching for new form of expression. He has assiduously participated at showings and contests, winning numerous awards and positive reviews from the critics. In 1989 he abandons painting. After many years of total abstinence . He reappears briefly on the scene in 2003, coming back to life when he unearths some older unfinished works. Certainly, his new abstract ideas are what he wants and what he has to offer, but he cannot for rather does not want to finish those older figurative works that have been awaited for many years. He could, as in the past paint these abstracts on the images, but he prefers to firstly prove to himself, and secondly to the public that even though he has not held a paintbrush in his hands for all this time he has nonetheless matured artistically. He finishes only two nude portraits, when events in his life regretfully cause him to abandon painting once again Finally, in 2006 he is reborn, and with great enthusiasm he digs up his now yellowed unfinished drawings, and repaints the old unfinished canvases, he modifies others, and he continues working alternating drawing and painting, abstract art to surreal art. But right from the beginning his maturity can be admired. He brings forth many new ideas on sexy and abstract nudes, of surreal flowers and still life, and herefore we cannot but await the new works by this inexhaustible artist.

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