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Elodie Machon - Turquoise


Elodie Machon

MachonElodie Machon is a visual artist, with a natural instinct for oil painting. Her innate artistic flair and signature style have made her popular among art enthousiasts in Paris, Montreal, and Toronto over the years.
Her work reflects both a traditional influence with a personal taste for French Impressionnists, and a constant desire to explore new ideas and techniques.
One of the recurring themes in her paintings is seascapes, as the ocean is an endless source of inspiration to her, both emotionally and technically, in its movement, texture, and infinity of colors.
Sharing her emotions through her paintings plays a great part in Elodie Machon’s artistic fulfilment, with no particular message or motive other than raw sincerity. Her interest for interior design and flair for artistic trends complement her everlasting quest for harmony and elegance, from traditional to modern, and figurative to abstract.

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