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Eugene O’Brien - Dysphoria
Oil and graphite on 300 gsm paper, signed on the front.

76 x 52 x 1 cm

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Eugene O’Brien

His compositions blend the subject of each painting into their environment, while in the process creating a foreboding sense of psychological tension. What could be said about all of O’Brien’s subjects is that they inhabit an eerie locale, a place most suitable for a fallen humanity.’
These paintings represent a striving to reconcile the inner dimensions of instinct and emotion, with an external world which can be at times overwhelming in its natural splendor. He has attempted to map that special place where both of these worlds meet. These paintings are also a study of the struggle between multifarious emotions and feelings: those necessary though overwhelming emotions which can often undermine our spiritual cohesion, though at the same time being able to embolden us with renewed vitality and respect for life.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree, University College Cork,

I have previously exhibited at the following venues:

Apollo Gallery, Dublin

Green Gallery, Dublin

Bank of Ireland Arts Center, Dublin

White Lady Art Gallery, Dublin

Each painting is created using multiple layers before completion to create areas of transparent luminosity.The translucent layers of paint contrast soft, sweeping, ethereal plains with areas of bolder, hard-edged brush strokes. This interplay is meant to express this divergence, thereby creating a timeless, dream world hovering close to reality.

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