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 Fran Et Jim - TECKTONIK
my nephew dances with a hood even if it’s forbidden

height : 110cm
material : resin


Fran Et Jim

Fran Et JimScriabine and Kandinsky, at the beginning of the twentieth century, were the two artists who have first worked on the melting of two mediums : sound and image.
Kandinsky, about his masterpiece Yellow Sonority tells he uses three elements : musical sound and its movement, physico-moral sonority and its movement, expressed in the objects and the beings, and the colored sound and its movement. He otherwise insists on the fact that the three elements are subordinate to the interior goal.

The subject being given by nature, Fran et Jim decided not to linger on it but to focus their attention on the formal research in which resides genuine creation, and more specifically on the melting of mediums.


Fran, with the mix of old and new media, features art automatons in vast areas where they rub sounds, lights and videos. Each element of her installations is interactive and responds to the physical existence of the viewer. The intermediality and the effect of presence create the conditions to awaken in him emotions intended to recreate social links.


Jim, a musician for a long time then a painter, focus on video art to make his two favorite medium meet: sound and image. At the origin of each of his creations, musicality plays a role as important as image does and each one influences the other by transmediality. The result is a series of experimental videos where sound and image are so inseparable that the one without the other would lose its meaning. Unlike Scriabine’s, Kandinsky’s or even Schoenberg’s works, neither sound or image come first ; the two mediums take birth in a same creative impulse.


The controlled nature of randomness or accident, present in each of their works, helps to destabilize the viewer: while the latter is expected to recognize the attribute linked to a form, the event that occurs surprises by its incongruous plastic.

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