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Gabriella Lupo - Autunno
Autunno, acrilico e foglie secchie su tela 50 x 60, Gabriella Lupo, anno 2014, prezzo 500 euro

Abstract painting, naturalistic

- 500€ Disponible -


Gabriella Lupo

Gabriella Wolf was born in Palermo in 1984, received his bachelor’s degree in decoration, the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo.
He attended the courses of animation 2d and 3d and follows them to the certificates.
Also it makes the painting and photography exhibitions.
A group exhibition of photography in Enna (Sicily) and a personal painting and photography in Palermo (Sicily).
In his abstract genre paintings, he vents his creativity using much color, his emotions and feelings.
While in photography, he realizes shots mainly naturalistic, but any other kind.
Even as a child has a penchant for art, it is often to draw a bit ’all over, looking at the big sister who designs and squirts clothes, the urge to draw her too.
Watching the classic Disney begins to love cartoons and comics, in fact, he made two comic stories but will fail to publish.
Draw characters with funny faces and becomes a passion that will try to carry into adulthood.
In fact, still he is working on a cartoon in 3d.
The passion for photography takes it from his father, who always likes to take pictures seeking perfection.
Came at age 20, decide not to follow trends or classic, or sports, but decides to dress up ?ethnic? because she likes the colors and patterns used in the dresses, that remind the various cultures; I like the warm colors of the rainbow, even the contrasting colors.
She also uses her wardrobe as a color palette.
In January 2016 realizes a personal exhibition of painting and photography at Villa Niscemi.
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