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WarinArmand Warin was born in 1944 in Lyon, France. He attended the “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” in Paris in 1962, but not for long. He found it somewhat too traditional or academic. He then began travelling around the world.

Between 1962 and 1965, Armand Warin discovered quite a few countries, from Northern Europe to the Indies. In 1965 he visited Africa. Returning back home, during his stay in Spain, he was invited by constables to spend time somewhere in Alicante, for having made a caricature of Franco when sitting on the terrace of a bar. His holidays ended and he came back to France …

He has gathered many remembrances from his travels and from the people that he encountered. The cultures of these civilisations provide him with a universal inspiration. Among his favorites themes are Egypt and Africa, as one can notice in his paintings of the Sphynx or the Massai.

He was back in Paris during the revolution of May 1968. He started to work as a painter professionally and initiated himself as a decorator. Mr. Le Corbusier, the noted architect, provided him with the new shapes and the concept of curves in architecture.

In 1972, Warin left the vibrating life of Paris and bought an old mansion in Brittany. He restored it and created his own decoration business. He decorated private homes and gardens. Some years later, he decided to focus on painting and changed his activity.

In the eighties, he decided to earn his life with painting and settled in Germany. There, he found culture to be much more decentralized and present in everyday life. Warin became friendly with numerous citizens of Heidelberg and of its suburb Sinsheim, where he lives.

In 1987, he spent nearly a year in Kassel and met many art professionnals. Professor Kaush’s Studio welcomed his paintings. He benefited from intellectual contributions of conversations with historians of art, critics of art and journalists. Warin began thinking of abstract models and painting with laquer.

Between 1988 and 1990, Armand Warin’s painting were exhibited in Paris. The well-known district of Marais in Paris were the privileged place of his exhibitions (galerie Eonnet-Dupuy), as well as the BRED bank. The Swedish cars company SAAB hosted his paintings in their communication and in the large windows of the company, near the prestigious “Champs Elysées”.

Since 1996, the painter’s style has become more abstract.

In 2001, Warin was the French representative for the international UNICEF Buddy-Bears exhibition. Professor J.P. Goujon, cultural attache of the French embassy, presented Armand Warin’s bear to the public in Berlin on September 11th.

Since 2003, Warin is studying and creating sculptures as well as painting. He exposes in his own gallery (Seckach - Germany).

In 2007, he exposes his works in Brussels (European Business Center, then in CHARAX Business Technology Management) and participates to France Télécom Group internal communication (Orange VSAT).

In 2008, he exposes within LAUDA company (Lauda-Königshofen), the global leader in the manufacture of innovative thermostatic equipment and systems, also leader in high quality measuring devices.

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