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German Bustamante - Tierra del Fuego
Tierra del Fuego
Black and copper coloured smoke rising from a number of wild fires that burn along the coastline in a mysterious land called Terra Australis. Tierra del Fuego is a representation of what might have been the visual impact of the very first navigators

Oil on canvas, 60cm x 70cm, 2020

- 2045€ Available -


German Bustamante

BustamanteSelf-taught abstract artist German Bustamante was born in Chile, but he was raise and educated in the UK. Abstraction has allowed him to express his own spiritual vision of life represented by symbolic imagery that deals with ethereal planes, astral flights, primeval feelings, mental and emotional journeys and other intangible human issues.
He is a Circle Foundation for the Arts Affiliate Artist and his work has been purchased by private collectors and realtors both in Hong Kong and in Chile. Articles and interviews about his work have appeared in the 18 issue of Spotlight Magazine and in The Artists Corner Magazine. He was exhibited at the Expo Metro Opera Station in Paris in 2020.

?Each painting is a journey for me. A journey into my inner self. It’s an emotional and absorbing process that talks about my spiritual and metaphysical concepts of who we really are and why we chose to come and live in this dual-density plane.?

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