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FabioAlmost once a month, the gallery present a new exhibition focusing on how to link and bring Abstract with Emotion together.
As such, 2 different artists are invited to search this uncertain common point and to open a dialogue between their opposite artworks. They will consider it as a duo instead of a duel.
The exhibitions finally show the result of their artistic connection, meeting and merging together.
Theses duo exhibtions are considered as two solo exhibitions in relation rather than one group exhibition.


We are willing to conceive Abstract as an archi-texture of matter, Emotion as a primitive channel of expression:

Abstract is complex. It refers to something undefined and indeterminate. However, it aims to represent only the gist of the subject substance, and makes no attempt to preserve the flavor or style of the original. Abstract leads to a specific and unique residue, which is acted out through new proper compounds, and rised up as an -essential- response.

Emotion is deep, really. It refers to instinct and intimicy, in another word?infinite.
A mental state that arises so spontaneously is predominant on how we could ever want to deal with, alter or convert it.
Emotion is acted out from the dephts of our beings through personal aspects and forms. It is the -essence- of a feeling, without external intervention at all.

Abstract and Emotion have this same common aspect that we’re looking to glorify; they both express something -essential-, cleared out from the insignificant, ? like expression’s purity.

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Closed now
Tue - Fri: 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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