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Ulf Johan Härd - It’s a beautiful day!
It’s a beautiful day!
20 x 20
Oil on canvas

- 500€ Disponible -


Ulf Johan Härd

HärdSometimes it’s a struggle in my head and sometimes things become so clear. I try to draw or paint some of those clear moments."

My painting is colorful and often very rich in content. Each picture tells a detailed story of its own that is based on an inner drive to convey something, a thought, a feeling, an opinion. It’s a way of simply communicating, a form of conversation.

Durin the 1980s, I attended a private art school in Liège, Belgium, and worked as an apprentice with various artists in Belgiumg, the Netherlands and France for 4 years.

Over the years I have had the privilege of exhibiting in various countries except Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, the Caribbean and the USA.

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