Vincent Bouillet - Time
Time exists only by us, it is this engine which renews the actual time . It is as a melody which exists only when one remembers the preceding notes in waiting of the following ones.

89x116 cm


Vincent Bouillet

My work is a collaboration between the fabric and what it conveys. I use a technique mixt associating tubes of oil and pure pigments worked with a medium venician of personal manufacture containing linseed oil, terebenthine, beeswax and siccative. My work takes supports on a basic screen and an object which expresses an opinion of the human condition. I am not considering myself as an artist (my fabrics are in the anxiety to know if they will become art) but I try to express my incomprehension in report with the existence of the physical world. An incomprehension which joined the feeling of extreme mankind loneliness (see insulation) and the dictat of the physical body that we live in opposition to the thought and the reflection. Painting is for me a window open on the imagination. It is an extraordinary means of quiet communication. It seems to to me sometimes that painting can go beyond the words; whereas it cured, with each fabric, each trace of the knife, when the color and the transparency are there, of the cries, the tears and the anguishes. I have a love relationship with my fabric, building them gently, thinking a long time on the characters and the forms, vehicles of thought and metaphores. I always try to purify to the maximum my work in order to express in a language almost minimalist.

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